Waterfalls in Belize: The Top 8 (To Visit In 2021)

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Here are 8 Waterfalls in Belize You Must Visit

Belize is known for the Great Blue Hole, longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere and great island life. It is also known for Eco and Sustainable Tourism. Inland Belize offers a myriad of different experiences and activities including Mayan Ruins, Caves, National Parks, Cultural exchanges and waterfalls in Belize.

There are a number of breath taking waterfalls in Belize, including the 1,000ft waterfalls, Davis Falls, Big Rock falls among others.

To help you choose, check out the following waterfalls in Belize you can visit.

1. Mayan King Waterfalls

mayan king waterfalls in southern belize
Mayan King Waterfalls, Southern Belize

Nestled in the South East Coast mountains, the Maya King Waterfalls in Belize is one of Belize's most photographed waterfalls. Maya King is a beauty to see, made of two cascading falls, especially in the 'rainy season when the water gushes over the rocks, the best shower-head of nature! It is less than half an hour from Placencia to find the wonderful site, and the journey from the entrance of the site to the actual waterfall is an experience in itself.

Before you reach a bamboo canopy, dubbed as the 'Bamboo Cathedral,' which hangs over a small stream, you will pass beautiful rows of orange trees. The path to the waterfall winds on the side of the mountain, as if the trip is not dreamy enough with the high trees reaching over you intersecting and providing much needed shade.

You will never want to leave once you arrive at the waterfall, complete with changing rooms / bathrooms and seating areas. For a fun picnic and photo ops, the falls themselves are ideal backdrops. Spend half a day here, enjoying the cool water and the calming sound of the rippling water.

2. Davis Falls

davis falls waterfalls in belize
David Falls in Southern Belize

Davis Falls is located close to Dangriga Belize and is so remote you can either get there by 4x4 vehicles, ATV or a tractor ride. This waterfall is almost 500 ft tall, making it the second highest waterfall in Belize.

After the tractor ride through an extremely rough 8-mile dirt road, you will set out on a 30 minute hike to the waterfall.

At the base of the drop, the 75ft. deep pool is filled with crystal clear water, making it the perfect spot on a hot day to enjoy a picnic or a relaxing swim.

There is a large citrus farm adjacent to Davis Falls that offers a picturesque scenery on early mornings when the clouds are hovering above the mountains. A number of different trees, flowers and orchids clutter Davis Falls and its surrounding area. If you are a nature lover and enjoy gazing at the greenery, your appetite would be fulfilled by a trip to Davis Falls.

3. Bocawina Falls

bocawina waterfalls in belize by roi brookes
Bocawina Waterfalls by

Established in 2001, on over 7,000 acres of lowlands and highlands, is the Mayflower Bocawina National Park. The ecosystems of the park act as the bridge to the east between the Mayan Mountains and the coastal regions in the west. From Belize City or Dangriga to the north, or from Placencia to the south, it is easily accessible.

There are three waterfalls in the park that are collectively known as the Three Sisters Waterfalls in Belize. A quick walk on a well-maintained trail helps you to reach the lower and upper Bocawina falls. At the base of the 50-foot drop, your trek to the upper falls is rewarded by a dip in the cool tub. To the 100-foot Antelope Drop, the top of which makes for spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea, the more intrepid hikers can proceed.

4. Tiger Fern Waterfall

tiger fern waterfall in belize
Tiger Fern Waterfalls

One of the most magical, secret gems in all of Belize is Tiger Fern Falls BY FAR.

There is a little bit of everything on the trail to Tiger Fern Waterfalls: lush tropical forest, sweeping mountain views, and spectacular double waterfalls with natural pools. Plus, it's not a trail that's heavily trafficked, so you have a great shot at getting it all to yourself!

A vigorous hike, snaking through thick jungle before steeply ascending (and then descending) a mountain with panoramic summit views, is the Tiger Fern Falls trail. It is not exactly a walk in the park, to be frank. But for all the sweat and dedication you put forth, when the trail finishes at - not one but TWO - pristine waterfalls with natural swimming pools, you are rewarded 10 times. Your bathing suit, don't forget!

5. Ben's Bluff Waterfall

As the world's first jaguar preserve, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is internationally known. The park provides a wide range of hikes of different lengths and difficulties, including to Ben's Bluff waterfalls in Belize, which has a stunning view of the whole basin, and to a waterfall where you can enjoy a relaxing swim. Over 290 species of birds can be found in this area. It is well known for its stunning waterfalls, mountain views, nature trails, and rich diversity.

6. Rio Blanco Waterfalls

rio blanco toledo waterfall in belize
Rio Blanco Waterfall in Toledo Belize

In the southern part of the nation, Rio Blanco Falls is a very scenic series of waterfalls located within the 500-acre Rio Blanco Falls Park. The park was established in 1994 and is currently operated by the Mayan Association of Rio Blanco.

The waterfalls flow at a gentle angle in a sequence of cascades, allowing tourists to swim in the lower plunge pool. For bird watching, enjoying a picnic lunch, or simply soaking up the peaceful atmosphere, the pristine natural beauty of the area is common. More daring tourists will ascend to the top of the waterfalls and leap straight into the base's plunge pool using a stone ledge.

Visitors need to walk up a narrow path for about a mile to reach the falls and then ascend a series of steps cut out of the stone. There is a visitor center at the entrance to the park where visitors can learn about the park and browse traditional Mayan handicrafts that are for sale.

BONUS Waterfalls:

7. 1,000 Foot Waterfalls

A sight to behold is the Thousand Foot Drop. It is situated only an hour and a half from San Ignacio City, with 1,290 acres designated as a monument within the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve.

Did-you-know that this waterfall's real height is 1,600 feet?

This waterfall is picturesque and is the country's highest waterfall. In the entire Central American area, it is also believed to be the largest.

The adventures here are limitless. Take a hike down the trail into the freshwater stream and enjoy a cool swim. This stream flows down Thousand Foot Falls and into River Valley-Roaring Creek, through the Maya Mountains. Ultimately, the water stream joins to the Belize River.

8. Big Rock Waterfalls

There's a reason there's such a thing as 'hidden gems,' and the prime example of this is Big Rock Falls. This waterfall, tucked into the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, practically prompts your jaw to drop once you place your eyes on it. Big Rock stands tall with a small pool at the bottom of it, majestic, monumental and huge, flowing into a larger cenote rushing over large rocks (hence, the name.)

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