Top 5 things to do in Dangriga Town

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As you vacation at Hummingbird Estate Bed & Breakfast, you are able to visit the vibrant Dangriga Town located just a few minutes away. Dangriga Town is known as the cultural capital of Belize, as it is the heart of Belize’s Garifuna culture. To be able to explore and fully indulge yourself in the town’s rich culture and sites, here at the top 5 things to do in Dangriga Town.

1. Take a Garifuna Cooking Class

Cooking Class 1
Cooking Garifuna Dishes

Indulge in every savory flavor of Belize’s ethnic diversity with a culinary exploration. The Garifuna people of Belize are recognized by UNESCO as a living cultural heritage. Learn to make their traditional dish hudut, a blend of coconut milk, fried fish, and plantains. Cook with fish caught that day, fresh coconut, and the unique spice blends of the Garifuna. Immerse yourself in a unique Belizean culinary adventure. This was a must to include in our Top 5 things to do in Dangriga Town.

2. Visit Pen Cayetano Studio Gallery

pen cayetano2 1
Pen Cayetano, Dangriga, Artist, Art, Mural

Ingrid and Pen Cayetano own and run the Pen Cayetano Gallery. Pen is one of Belize’s most famous artists. At the gallery, you can find Pen’s paintings of Belize along with Ingrid’s homemade jellies and teas. The gallery is also a bookstore, an art studio, a music studio, and a showcase for local musicians. Get the full flavor of Belize at the Pen Cayetano Gallery. It’s located in a colonial home on Aranda Crescent.

3. Gulisi Garifuna Museum

Gulisi Garifuna Museum in Dangri
Entrance of Gulisi Garifuna Museum

Learn all about the fascinating Garifuna people. Historians believe that the Garifuna are descendants of people who escaped from a sinking slave ship and made their way to what is present-day Honduras. Many of them migrated to Belize, where they established a thriving community. Learn about their history, culture, language, and customs at the Gulisi Garifuna Museum.

4. Relax on the Beach

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Dangriga Town Beach

We couldn't complete our Top 5 things to do in Dangriga Town without including the town's charming beach. They are perfect during these times as you get to escape the crowds while you enjoy a lazy day sunning and swimming. The clear waters, soft sand, and warm sunshine will lift your spirits.

5. Marie Sharp Factory Tour

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Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce

Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce is one of Belize’s most famous products. You’ll find it in every restaurant and most people’s homes. Marie was inducted into the Sauce Hall of Fame in 2016. Come visit her factory and watch Marie’s team turn habanero peppers into four different varieties of this tasty condiment. Learning the process of how this spicy and tasty hot sauce is made is a must to include in your Top 5 things to do in Dangriga Town.

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