Dangriga Belize: All You Need To Know (2021 Update)

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Your Guide to Dangriga Belize

If you're planning your trip to Belize and you're looking for a quaint yet culturally vibrant location that gives you access to both the Caribbean Sea and Maya Mountains, then Dangriga Belize is the place.

"The Culture Capital of Belize" as it is known in Belize is full of culture, adventure and culinary escapades.

Drums of the fore fathers monument at the entrance of Dangriga Belize

The largest town in southern Belize is Dangriga, situated in the Stann Creek district. It retains the strong cultural presence of the people of the Garinagu (Garifuna), the descendants of the Carib Indians and the Black Africans who in 1802, arrived from St Vincent. The name Dangriga is "Sweet Water" in Garifuna. You'll find a lively music, culture and art scene in town.

Garifunas playing the drums and dancing on the beach in Dangriga Belize

This is where Punta Rock originated and where many prominent Belizean artists have made their home, such as Pen Cayatano. The town springs alive on 19 November of each year with festivities surrounding the Garifuna Settlement Day which marks the arrival of the people of Garinagu in Belize.

The main bridge in Dangriga Belize photographed at night

The Southern Cayes, particularly South Water Caye, Tobacco Caye and Glovers Reef Atoll, are easily accessible from Dangriga, all a short boat ride from the piers dotting the town's coast. In this area, the diving and snorkelling are spectacular. Inland, Antelope Falls offers intense activities such as ziplining, waterfall rappelling and hiking in the Bocawina National Park. It is also within convenient driving distance of the Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve.

Where to stay in Dangriga Belize?

There are a number of well-known accommodations in the culture capital. Here are a few in no particular order:

Pelican Beach Resort

Hummingbird Estate Bed & Breakfast

This gated community with remote control access is a great option to stay near to Dangriga Belize, only 4 miles outside of town. It is a mix of beautifully appointed Cabañas and Suites neatly tucked in-between flower gardens and fruit trees. Hummingbird Estate Bed & Breakfast is equipped with all the amenities you would expect, and affordable prices for it all.

Looking for accommodations in Dangriga Belize?

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